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Hello Alicia fans! Tomorrow night, Alicia will be one of the guests on the British talk show The Graham Norton Show. She filmed her episode this evening, and she’s there alongside “I, Tonya’ stars Margot Robbie and Allison Janney, Camila Cabello and Daniel Kaluuya! We have the first official photos from the set, and make sure you return this weekend for screen captures and videos after it airs. The episode will air on BBC ONE tomorrow night (Friday) at 22:35, so make sure you tune in if you have the channel.

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Hello Alicia fans! With the Tomb Raider premiere fast approaching, Alicia will likely be doing a lot of interviews, appear in several magazines and attend plenty of press related events the next few weeks. And it looks like the buzz is about to start now! As part of the film promotion, Alicia is currently covering three different magazines: Plaza Kvinna in Sweden, Grazia in Bulgaria and Glamour in Russia. These all feature stunning new photos of of our girl, and I can’t wait to see the full photoshoots!

You can check out a preview of the Plaza Kvinna cover at their official instagram here, and the two other covers below. I hope to have scans from the full spreads, as well as photoshoot outtakes, in the next coming days. Stay tuned!

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Exciting news, Alicia fans! Our girl has been signed up for a new project, the Morten Tyldum directed thriller “The Marsh King’s Daughter”. Deadline exclusively broke the news earlier today, and you can read their article below!

Deadline | EXCLUSIVE: In what shapes up to be one of the hot titles in the upcoming Berlin sales market, Black Bear Pictures will finance and produce with Anonymous Content the Morten Tyldum-directed dramatic thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter. Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander has come attached to play the lead role. STXinternational has closed a deal to handle international territories at Berlin. Pic is an adaptation of the international bestseller by Karen Dionne that was published last summer by G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

The scripted adaptation is by Elle Smith and The Revenant scribe Mark L. Smith. Vikander will play Helena Petterier, who on the surface leads an ideal life with a great husband and a young daughter. She keeps secret her shocking backstory: her mother was kidnapped as a teen, and she was the product of the relationship between captive and tormentor. She lives for 12 years in a life carefully controlled by her kidnapper/father, until he was caught and sent to prison. An escape that leaves two prison guards dead forces her to confront her secret history and she becomes determined to bring down her father, who gave her all the tools she will need. He is the one called the Marsh King, the man who kept a woman and her young daughter captive in the wilderness for years. Sensing the danger this monster poses for her husband and young daughter, she vows to hunt him down. Vikander will be next seen in action mode as she plays Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

The film puts Teddy Schwarzman’s Black Bear back in business with Tyldum; Black Bear financed and produced The Imitation Game, which got eight Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Black Bear, whose most recent film is the Oscar-nominated Dee Rees-directed Mudbound, is producing with Anonymous Content, the company behind Spotlight and The Revenant. Schwarzman, Keith Redmon, Tyldum and Mark L. Smith are the producers. Bard Dorros of Anonymous Content and Vikander are the exec producers. STX Entertainment division STXinternational is handling international distribution and will distribute in the UK and Ireland.

“The Marsh King’s Daughter is one of the most hypnotic thrillers you’ll ever experience, much in the vein of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl, and who better than Morten Tyldum to direct this psychologically gripping story into a complex yet riveting tale about captivity and redemption,” said David Kosse, President of STXinternational. “We are thrilled to introduce this exceptionally compelling project from such an esteemed team of filmmakers and talent to our international partners in Berlin.”

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Our girl is the cover girl of the March issue of Vogue Magazine! Photographed by Steven Klein and interviewed by Irina Aleksander, her spread features an unique and gorgeous new photoshoot, as well as a lengthy article/interview. I really love this interview, as it’s very different from what we normally get. It gives a good insight to how Alicia is as a person, and reading all the great things about her just makes me love her even more!

Our gallery has been updated with the pretty cover and a couple of photoshoot images, and we’ll have high quality scans up soon. You can read a part of her article below, but make sure to head over to Vogue’s website (link at the end of the post) for the full version.

Vogue | This will be the closest you feel to any of your subjects,” says Alicia Vikander, telling me to grab hold of her waist if I get scared. We’re on a two-seater ATV somewhere outside Joshua Tree. We’ve just signed away our right to sue in case of sunburn, collision, hypothermia, and harm by wild animals. Vikander is behind the wheel even though she doesn’t have a driver’s license. What’s the worst that can happen? I accidentally say this out loud. “The worst that can happen is we flip,” Vikander says. “But I’m not going to flip us. I promise.”

An ATV ride was Vikander’s idea, a nod to her turn as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, a reboot of the 2001 film that transformed Angelina Jolie, the compelling aggressor in Girl, Interrupted, into a big-screen action figure. For Vikander, who won an Oscar for The Danish Girl, the role comes as one of those anointing rituals of modern Hollywood in which an actor is plucked from the land of daring art-house dramas—Scarlett, Jennifer, Shailene—and entrusted with carrying a bankable franchise.

Most likely we’re not going to flip or freeze to death. But there is a chance that we will encounter some reptiles, which is a problem since Vikander and I both have a dreadful fear of snakes. When we compare childhood snake traumas, Vikander’s wins, no contest. It takes place at a lake, and . . . I’ll let her tell it: “It had these diving towers. I finally get to the top, jump, and that’s when I see there are about fifteen snakes in the water. That second I was coming down is like the longest in memory. Obviously those snakes got terrified and swam away, but I was just shaking. I couldn’t move for two days. I never really dove after that.”
This is the woman who wanted to spend a Saturday in the desert—for fun.

Over the past few weeks, Vikander has been on the move. After celebrating her twenty-ninth birthday in Paris, she married Michael Fassbender in Spain, honeymooned in Italy, and stopped over in New York before landing in Los Angeles, where she met me at dawn wearing Nike leggings, trainers, and Céline sunglasses. Arriving with her in Chiriaco Summit, a rest stop–size desert town of shipping containers and roving biker gangs, is a bit like watching an alien landing. An olive-skinned Swede, she glides in a way that feels almost ethereal and speaks with the pleasing, untraceable European accent that children of diplomats have. In Vikander’s charming English, American AC is “air-con,” a person who helps you out is a real “life savior,” and movies are always “cinema.” Here’s her encounter with American diner coffee: “I love that they give you these big cups and like these tiny. . . .” She means creamers.

Randy, our khaki-wearing ATV guide, also seems perplexed by Vikander. “So you’re an actress?” he asks. When she explains that she’s the new Tomb Raider, Randy’s face lights up with boyish recognition. “Tomb Raider?! Oh, my goodness.” (Read Full Article at Vogue Here)

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Hello Alicia fans! Remember the Magic Diner short film Alicia was featured in back in 2015 with Anna Wintour for Vogue? Last week Vogue shared a recently filmed part 2! I have updated our gallery with HD screen captures, and you can watch the video below.

“The Magic Diner Part II” finds the Tomb Raider actress, Alicia Vikander, holed up in the Ritz Carlton high above Manhattan’s Central Park, hiding from her admiring public, and fretting that her supernatural gizmo may have, at long last, run out of answers. Which is when a surprise visitor knocks at her door… Director Niclas Larsson | Fashion Editor Andrew Mukamal

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Hello Alicia fans! Earlier tonight, Alicia and Lisa Langseth attended the gala premiere of “Euphoria” in Stockholm, Sweden. It looks like there weren’t many photographers at the event, but I have managed to find 12 photos so far from the red carpet! I will keep looking for more, make sure to follow us on our twitter account for any updates. Alicia looked stunning in a black dress – check it out for yourself.

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Hello Alicia fans! This weekend (January 26 – January 28), the annual Gothenburg International Film Festival was held in Sweden. As we already knew, Alicia was set to be awarded the Nordic Honorary Dragon Award at the opening ceremony. When picking up her award, Alicia spoke about gender inequality within the film industry, and made it clear the lack of strong female roles across the industry is something which needs to be improved. She provided her own personal commentary on the issue, saying she’d only been in ‘three and a half’ films with strong women at the helm – despite having starred in 22 big screen ventures. You can watch Alicia’s great speech below, but she switched to Swedish for the biggest part of her speech. I’ll try to make a transcript of it with a translation soon.

‘It made me realise that strong women are alone, as women, on the big screen. The roles we play are against strong men. I’ve played four leading roles in a row, and didn’t have a single scene with another woman. It is not all about men versus women, it is also about us, women to women. We have been separated and made to compete.’ – Alicia Vikander

On the second day of the festival, she and the “Euphoria” cast and crew attended the Nordic premiere of the film at the Draken Film Center. She concluded her time at the festival by hosting an acting masterclass earlier today. Photos from all the events, including some really stunning portraits of Alicia and Lisa Langseth can now be found in our gallery. Enjoy!

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Hello Alicia fans! One of Hollywood’s biggest parties of the year was held last night; the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards! The award show was hosted by Seth Meyers for the first time, and held at the The Beverly Hilton in California. As announced earlier, Alicia attended the big event to present one of the many awards. She presented the award “Best Film – Comedy/Musical” with Michael Keaton, which went to the Greta Gerwig directed Lady Bird! Big congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

Standing in solidarity together in a form of protest, most of the celebrities wore black at the awards to protest the injustices that have been taking place in Hollywood since forever. Many of the acceptance speeches specifically mentioned this cause throughout the evening. Alicia was no exception, and wore a lengthy turtleneck dress by – no surprise – Louis Vuitton. She looked amazing!

The first photos from the awards have been added to our gallery, but I will later add screen captures of Alicia presenting as well. Below the cut you can also check out a couple of videos, including one of her being interviewed by E! Live on the red carpet, talking about her Oscar statue’s whereabouts for the last 2 years, Tomb Raider and how she’d love to meet Angelina Jolie. Make sure to follow us on twitter for any updates on new additions! Have fun browsing 🙂