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This week’s Grazia France features a few pages on the Oscars’ behind the scenes – digital scans have been added to our gallery. Thanks Ana for sending them our way.

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Alicia is featured on the cover of the February issue of the German magazine, Interview. Thanks to Anne, high-quality digital scans are now available in our gallery:

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Alicia is featured on this month’s The Wrap. I just added high-quality digital scans which you will find in our gallery by clicking on the thumbnails below:

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Thanks to Boby, new high-quality digital scans of Entertainment Weekly have been added to our gallery. Check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:

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Alicia is on the cover of this week’s French magazine, L’Express Styles, which features 4 pages on her career. Check high-quality digital scans in our gallery:

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Alicia is featured on the cover of the January issue of Vogue US, photographed by David Sims. I’ve just added high-quality pictures of the photoshoot to our gallery, as well as the digital scan of her cover. Keep reading for her interview, and don’t forget to check out the full article at Vogue.com. The issue officially hits newsstands on December 22.

About her life as a ballerina: “I push myself hard,” she concedes. “I don’t like pain, exactly, but as a ballerina I lived in constant pain. At ballet school in Stockholm, I remember we had a locker where if someone had been to the doctor and gotten painkillers, we divided them among us. In a sense we were all addicted. After I quit dancing, for a while it felt strange not to be in pain. It was as if an old friend, not a good friend but a presence, always tagging along, had left me.”

About all her films happening at once: “To be quite honest, it’s nerve-racking, the way these films sort of piled up,” she says. “It’s a mixed feeling when everything you’ve ever wanted in making films is coming true, and yet you feel scared because it’s happening all at once. Suddenly you’re in rooms with people you’ve looked up to for years, the Judi Denches. You wonder if you’re good, if you have what it takes. You carry an anxiety around with you—I’ve met many actors now who will say this—and the lonely feeling that this could be your one chance.”

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I have just added a beautiful snapshot of Alicia, photographed by Pal Hansen for the Observer New Review (The Guardian) to the photo gallery. In her interview, Alicia opens up on her new-found fame, the awards season, feminism and her favourite actresses growing up. Check out the picture in our photo gallery, and continue reading as you will find part of her interview below.

01“It’s a coincidence, really,” she says. “All these films that I shot at different times over three years simply all arrived together this year. Remember when Jessica Chastain was suddenly in so many films at once? I suppose it’s like that. I hope so, because she’s incredible.”

[About her apartment in North-London] “It took me two-and-a-half years of living here with just three bags, but it has just about started to feel like home.”

“Up until 18 months ago, I thought the term ‘awards season’ was a kind of joke,” she says. “I had never really reflected that a certain kind of serious film came out later in the year. I just thought fall seemed like a good time to go to the movies. It’s colder, after all.”

“This worldwide spread of recognition is insane,” she murmurs. “I was brought up in a small country. If you made a Swedish film that just got into a film festival somewhere, that was like the biggest thing you could wish for.”

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Our beautiful Alicia poses gracefully for the December cover of DUJOUR magazine. I’ve just added 10 gorgeous high-quality pictures of the photoshoot taken by Bruce Weber to the gallery, which you can discover by clicking on the thumbnails below. You can also discover the interview below, but be sure to check the entire article back at the magazine’s website here.

Here’s what she had to say to the magazine:

“I’m doing what I never dreamed I would do,” she says. “I pinch myself every day.”

About her new-found fame: “A lot of the films are coming out during the same time, so it’s been a bit overwhelming,” she says in her soft, British-inflected English. “I’m scared of overexposure, but really I’m just feeling very happy about the work I’ve done with people I admire. Finally, we can let the films out there and see them alive.”

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